Ayodele Drum and Dance exists to foster community from a feminine perspective through the study and performance of diasporic African drum and dance.

Who We Are

In 2007, seven African dancers came together to learn the art of the drum to enhance and improve their dancing. The sisters were led by Tosha ‘Ayo’ Alston and the seed of Ayodele Drum & Dance was planted.

Ayodele, a Yoruba word meaning “Joy in the home", is now a diverse sister-circle of performing artists committed to studying and performing drum and dance as a healing element. We’ve grown from that circle of seven to over twenty Queens who use African drum and dance to educate and motivate young women and children.

We believe the seeds of the future lie within our children, so we’ve begun cultivation with our Sesa Wo Suban rites of passage program. The curriculum encourages confidence and teaches life skills to all children, especially African-American youth, using African music, dance, history and art.

In addition to self-producing an annual Spring concert (since 2010) to sell-out crowds each year; Ayodele Drum & Dance performs throughout the City of Chicago and the surrounding area frequently, at festivals, community events and private parties.

Whether we are teaching children, healing the community with classes, producing sold out concerts, studying with female Samba Masters in Brazil, Master Djembe and Dununfolas of West Africa or spreading our healing energy through performances; Ayodele Drum & Dance remains an unending circle firmly rooted in joy.