Hello! I am a casting director and currently working on a production called Djembe! The Show. I have been referred to your group and would love to invite your members to audition. Please have someone contact me so that I can provide audition info. Thank you!
Becca McCracken, C.S.A.
I REALLY enjoyed myself Tues. evening in your class at Ridgeville in Evanston!
We are SO looking forward to you coming to Roycemore School with Andrew and another drummer on 9 November. Thanks for moving me!
I met you at last year's Midwest Women's Conference...we drummed together with Ubuka. I will be in Chicago for the next week and am hoping to bring my grandson's to see you at the Elevate Chicago Event on Sunday. See you soon!
Heading down for a class and have a couple questions ~

are men allowed?

Are the Thrusday classes ok for beginners or is the Monday night class best for beginners ?

Hello Mama Ayo!
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to come to the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference. I am SO grateful to have been able to meet you, & take your class. Meeting and spending time with you & the drums has been a life-changing experience for me! The "wild woman" inside has been awakened! :) I can't stop telling everyone about how what a wonderful, honorable mission you are on! I truly hope our paths cross again.
Thanx again! <3 Beth
Hi! I was wondering if you have African dance classes for adults and if so, what are your locations, schedules and fees. Thanks so much!

I am interested in learning more about the drumming and dance that you all do. It really resonates with me.

Can anyone take classes there with you all even people that have never done it before and have no experience?

I had the pleasure of seeing you today at UIC College of Nursing, and I must say that you all were FANTASTIC! Looking forward to taking a few classes with you.
I am writing a feature story for Black History Month for seechicagodance.com and wanted to include Ayodele. Would someone be available today or tomorrow for a phone interview?

Lynn Shapiro, editor
Hello! I am new to Chicago and I wanted to know if you offer any adult beginning african dance classes?

a friend of mine saw you all this weekend (Girls Like Me Day) and said you were great! I'm having a coming back to america" themed event on the evenin of 12/6 and would like to get/share more info.

Can someone from your team please contact me via email or cell - 773-339-3347.
Hi, I belong to Elgin Community College's United Students of All Cultures. We are doing a week of international entertainment for International Week at the college, we were wondering if it is possible to have you all come out and dance for us.
It would be Sometime the week of November 17-19. If any day works please let me know.
Also please tell me what the pricing is.
Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.
Hi Tosha - just following up with you re: Dance Sistah. The event is November 8th thisyear. Let me know your availability. Thanks much, and see you in class. 312-842-2401.
My name is Angela Morello and I am the Multicultural Night director at Saint Bede the Venerable located at 4440 W. 83rd Street in Chicago.
This year we will be hosting our second annual Multicultural Night on January 23, 2015 at 7pm.
We are a Catholic school and parish therefore our funds are low. We do not charge our community to attend our event. Our source of revenue is the sale of food.
This is our opportunity to have a community outreach and bring our community together. It also gives us the chance to teach our children how fun diversity is.
We were wondering if your group would be willing to do a probono cultural performance for our event. The performance can range anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. It is completely up to you. It would be an honor to have you perform for our event.
We can offer you a tax donation form stating you donated your time. Of course, you would also be given a free plate of food and beverages. If you must charge a fee, what is the absolute least you are able to charge us.
I know there is still some time before the event but a rapid response would be greatly appreciated. Planning is everything.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Angela Morello,
Multicultural Night Director
Hi Ayodele Dance!

I was wondering if your adult dance classes are open to beginners or if they're meant for those with more experience?

Thank you!
Hello ayodele and tosha, my name is Victoria Boateng and I was amazed by ayodele drumming group performing at Palace Cafe on August 17. I am writing this email to say that I am interested in joining the Ayodele Women Drumming group. I also want to know the rehearsal times?
Can you tell me where to find you guys at Sherman Park this Thursday? For the class. Thank you.

Hi. I'm a CPS teacher and I teach 6th Grade Social Studies. I'm interested in incpororating music and dance into my unit on Africa. Do you offer any classes (in or out of schools) that my classes might be able to participate in?
Please add me to your email list!
I'm Jade stepmom. Just wanted to tell you how inspired I was watching you all perform at your annual event. Jade still talks about the adult dancers. I really would like to attend your Thursday classes, so please let me know when they resume this fall for kids as well. I will commit to selling tickets to the annual next year, I have friends that would love this show.
Thank you, stay Blessed and safe travels.
I'm happy to announce Ayodele performances and classes, etc. Put me on your PR list.
Hello, I saw a performance and fell in love. I will be beginning to atted your sessions next month but was wondering if I would have to pay and additional fee or a different request to participate in performances. thank you!
Hi, I'm interested in classes. I am a friend of Celeste's. Should I just show up on Thursdays or is there anything I need to do beforehand. Thankyou so mch. - Cicely
Hi, my name is Jovan Landry. I filmmed the Big Foot Workshop at Columbia College on November 15th where you were teaching our students/community and I wanted to show you the video to the video to get your feedback. thank you for your time.

hello, I am interested in coming to a class this Thursday. I just want to make sure it's ok. I am 31 and i have some dance experience. my friend told me about this company and had nothing but good things to say. i didn't see a number to call to make sure i can join a class this week. if someone could email me back that would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
I was blessed to experience a performance by your drum & dance troupe and I was truly awestruck! How much do you all charge to perform at events? I don't know if the budget is enough for your entire troupe but even if we could get 3 or 4 of you, we'd be thrilled!
Hello, I just saw the ayodele Drum & Dance performers at the North Park Universiy conference of diveristy. I thought that you all did an extraordinary job and I wish that I would have heard of the ayodele perfomers years ago. I also wanted to know if you had any open spots available for this upcoming year?
We loved your show in Iowa City. I wonder if you have a work-out DVD or a dance DVD that I could purchase. Need something new for my fitness routine!
I will like to sign my 11 year old daughter up for classes. when is the next sessions dates. Thanks
Promoter here is looking for a group to open for Toots and the maytals and I thought you all would be perfect. Here is columbus, I gave him your website and contact information. I love you guys.
I saw you perform at the Redstone Room in Davenport on 2/17. Your group was awesome. Would you be interested in performing at the Iowa Soul Festival in Iowa City 9/13-9/15.
My name is Anna Wojcik and I am a 2nd year student at the UIC School of Public Health. I am also a part of this year's planning committee for International Night, and event that aims to celebrate the diversity and global reach of our impressive students and faculty. In past years, Ayodele Drum & Dance has preformed at International Night, and I was hoping the group would once again be available to join us in our celebration this year. The event will be at the UIC School of Public Health on Wednesday, March 13th, with performances going from 7-8pm.
Please let me know the group's availability, and any other information about performances. I hope you'll be able to join us, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Anna Wojcik
I host a diversity fesstival on the first sunday of each June in Oak Park, Il. I would be interested in talking with someone to discuss possibly booking your group for 2013. I attended the GEANCO fundraiser this past Saturday and saw your performoance.
I would like to invite a few of your drummers to participate in the pre-kwanzaa ceremony at Columbia College on monday, December 3 from 12:30-2:00. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
You guys did such a AWESOME job on our Black History celebtation...we would like for you to return to Glenwood School. If possible during the week of February 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th. Please advise. Call at 708-756-6119. Thanks
I am a female drummer from Madison. I'd love to come see one of your shows. Would you put me on your mailing list?
Heard about your program and would like to attend your next concert.
Good day....when are you guys coming to NYC??
Hello I was wondering if you have any space available for your Thursday Drum Classes and whether or not you rent equipment for classes. I'd love to learn/join.
I love to see you guys perform/minister, the energy, the spirit, the love, the everything.......is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! it is beauty and strength is it\'s purest form :) :)

I look forward to coming to a dance class very soon!!!
I'm totally interested in being a part of your community classes! The only thing is my schedule. It looks like the only free time I have is on Sundays... sigh... are any of you available at that time? Do you know of any places where you think the vibe is right that are offered on Sunday's as well? (i know that's asking for a lot. i just gotta get back intoit.) peace.
Hi there,

I am interested in joining your community classes; how do I sign up?

Thank you!!!
Greetings, Sisters.
I first saw your troupe/community yesterday at the Day 6 Kwanzaa, and even my ex-husband knew right away that I belong with Ayodele, that you are exactly what I need to get my life back on track. Please let me know how I may try out, interview, whatever for consideration into your community. I'm going to also send this to Sis. Tosha via email. I am awestruck at the power and joy that reached out from that stage yesterday and grabbed me and shook some sense into me without hesitation! Much love to you all!
Hello, My Black Sisters I love what you all have put together your storie really move me .I hope to walk with you .please reply to me on how . thanks in Gods hands onelove.
Hello, I saw your drum/dance troupe at Illinois Weslyen University not too long ago, and I thought you all were amazing! I am on a committee for a fundraiser at the Children's Discovery Museum in Normal,IL. The fundraiser is on February 25, 2012. I am wondering about cost and if you are even interested. Once again, I want to tell you how much I truely enjoyed watching and listening to all of you. You are amzing!

Thank you,
Margaret Cordill
I love you ladies ! xoxoxo